Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

Baking a cake for your dog can be fun and easy! Just remember.. don't add sugar and consult links similar to this one:

to be sure you are not feeding your dog harmful ingredients. Any basic dog cake recipe can be spruced up by adding blueberries, peanuts, etc... Wheat free flours can be used instead of normal flours. You can frost the cake with nonfat cream cheese, sugar free yogurts, all natural peanut butter or with products such as Treaty Treat Frosting if you want the frosting to dry hard on top of the cake. The dog frosting can be purchased on this website. Be careful not to use sugar sprinkles... you can add human grade food color or all natural colors made from beet powder, spinach powder, etc.. to dog cake frosting to decorate and write on cakes. Just thicken up your frosting to have more control while making decorations, you can add less water to the Treaty Treat dog frosting or peanut butter works well too. Have fun and include your children for a great afternoon project! For fancier cakes you can purchase Treaty Treat no sugar added dog fondant just remember dogs should never eat human fondant..

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