How to Make our Homemade Dog Cake Frosting

It's that time of year again, huh? Your four legged friend is turning another year older and you would love to bake him or her a healthy cake of their own... Okay, the healthy dog cake is all set and you are wondering, what do I use for frosting? No fat cream cheese works but you still wonder how everyone creates those beautiful human looking cakes that you see all over the internet, huh? The answer is simple... Treaty Treat dog frosting.... it's a no sugar added yogurt powdered dog frosting that just needs a bit of water to create human grade dog frosting. :) You can spread the frosting on with a knife, then place the rest of the frosting into a cake decorating bag and... viola! You'll be decorating great looking dog cakes in no time. The best part? The dog frosting will dry hard so you can ship cakes too.

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Photo by Baker Dave's Dog Treats

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