How Can I Find a Dog Treat Icing or Frosting Recipe that Dries Hard?

I receive a lot of questions about how to create a homemade dog treat icing recipe. Even though I tell bakers how to use yogurt mixed with peanut butter, they still want a recipe that dries hard without refrigeration. Honestly, our dog treat frosting recipes contain high quality, all natural ingredients that are... expensive. I am able to offer my premixed icing at a lower price because I purchase all the ingredients in bulk. So, if you were to purchase the ingredients that I use, you would actually end up paying more per pound than what I sell it for. And... I even lower the price per pound based on the quantity that you purchase. Here are some common questions that I can answer for you. 

  1. Do you sell larger quantities?

Yes, we do over 200 pounds of our products, just call us or email us at for information.

  1. Can your dog treat icing be used to add details to decorated dog treats?

Yes, our icing is very user friendly, just add a little less water to make it thicker to create any design you wish. For best results, let your background or base color dry for a couple of hours prior to adding your embellishments or details on top. You can “swirl” colors while they are wet. Whatever your imagination wants you can most likely achieve.

  1. Does your dog icing fall off dehydrated dog treats?

No, our details don’t either, the icing will not even crack or melt on wheat or grain free treats.

  1. Does your Treaty Treat icing dry hard?

Yes, our “normal” icing AIR dries between 12-24 hours. Do not refrigerate or freeze any of our icing or frosting products until they are completely dry. Our Rockin’ Hard air dries hard between 6-12 hours.

  1. Does your dog cake frosting apply like human frosting?

Yes, you can frost any dog cake and create designs. Just add less water if you need the frosting to set thicker, like a swirl on top of a cupcake.

  1. Can I ship decorated dog treats?

Yes, be sure the icing is completely dry. Most of our customers that ship decorated treats use our Rockin’ Hard icing and frosting because it dries extremely hard.

  1. What is the difference between melting and moisture?

When we say our icing does not melt, it does not… A lot of customers get moisture confused with heat… For example: If you use our “normal” Treaty Treat icing, let it air dry completely, then refrigerate it, the moisture/coldness from the refrigerator will make the icing tacky again… same with humidity, as humidity does cause moisture. The fix? Don’t refrigerate your dog treats. If you have to, let the icing or frosting air dry after… Or use our Rockin’ Hard products, they hold up extremely well.

  1. What is the difference between Treaty Treat “normal” dog icing and Rockin Hard?

Treaty Treat Icing dries smooth and takes 12-24 hours to dry and becomes slightly tacky in moist, cold or humid climates. For best results, apply on dehydrated dog treats that don’t need refrigeration.

Rockin’ Hard dog icing dries a bit bumpy because it is thicker. It is a matte finish but does not become tacky in any climate. It AIR dries in @ 6-12 hours.

  1. What is the difference between your icing and frosting?

The frosting is thicker and formulated to act like “human” frosting. Both types… normal and Rockin’ hard.

    10. Are your products bright white?

No, because we do not add any additional ingredients to create a whitening effect. That is your choice, you can add white food color if you want the bright white appearance. Our products are off white, most customers do not notice…

 Feel free to email us at with any other questions, we are here for you!

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