How to Ship a Dog Cake with Dog Safe Frosting

It's exciting to ship dog treats and dog birthday cakes to your customers and friends from your online dog treat business, but shipping a dog cake can be tricky. Most dog bakers become concerned that the cake will arrive moldy or perished. One secret is to ship the cake Overnight or Two Day Priority Mail. Here are 3 additional steps that can help you to successfully ship your next birthday cake.

how to ship a dog cake

Step #1

To ensure the freshness of your cake, bake the dog birthday cake or cupcakes the day before you plan to ship them to your customer. 

dog birthday cake recipe

Step #2

Immediately after your cake is cool, decorate it with dog safe grain free or wheat free frosting that dries hard. Let the entire cake AIR DRY overnight. Do not refrigerate because the frosting will never dry. Do not freeze the cake because it will defrost while it is shipping to your customer, causing the frosting to become wet and messy. Remember, if you bake your cake fresh the day before shipping it will arrive fresh (within 3 days) and your customer can then refrigerate it or freeze it. Just let them know to unwrap the cake entirely prior to refrigerating it so the frosting will not stick to any wrappings.

dog birthday cake frosting

Step 3

Wrap your cake in parchment paper (not plastic wrap) prior to shipping. Then cushion your box with tissue paper or crumpled paper (bubble wrap is fine here), place the cake on top of the cushion and add more cushion to the sides and top. If you cushion the cake entirely so it does not move in the shipping box it should arrive safely.

Do not wrap your cake in plastic because the moisture from the actual cake will cause the frosting to become wet again, causing a mess. It is extremely important that your cake frosting is completely dry prior to shipping. 

Be sure to test shipping cakes to yourself prior to shipping them to customers. And keep them simple to prevent the cakes from breaking. Crumb coating your cake bottom will help too.

dog birthday party 

Are you looking for tips on how to decorate your dog's birthday cake with Treaty Treat Dog cake frosting? Check out our Frosting a Dog Cake video. 

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