3 Easy Steps to Decorate a Beautiful Dog Birthday Cake Using a Drip Cake Frosting Technique

Decorating a Doggy Drip Birthday Cake is easy! After you bake and cool your dog safe birthday cake, we used one batch of this Vegan Peanut Butter Cake Recipe, frost the entire cake with a dog safe frosting recipe that dries hard. We used Grain Free Dog Cake Frosting and let it sir dry for @ an hour. We then mixed a powdered food color into the same grain free dog frosting prior to adding water and mixing with a hand mixer. We used Flower Petal Purple because it's our dog's favorite color! After we mixed it with water (click step #2 for the consistency video) we took a spoon and added the frosting along the entire edge of the cake allowing it to "drip" over the sides. After we completed the edge we spooned the remaining frosting on the top of the dog cake and smoothed it out carefully with the spoon. We took the small "7" cake that we decorated and air dried in Step #1 below and carefully placed it on top of the wet frosting so the "7" would securely dry on top of the entire cake. After that, we placed tiny dog bone shaped dog treats around the edges to complete the cute dog cake design. 

The video demonstrations are below, happy "dripping" beautiful doggy cakes!

Step # 1

Step #2

Step #3

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