3 Easy Steps to Decorate a Beautiful Dog Birthday Cake

Decorating a Doggy Drip Birthday Cake for your dog themed birthday party is easier than you think. All you need is a dog safe cake, dog frosting and dog friendly food coloring and you can create your own adorable birthday cake!

Adorable dog cake

 Step #1

Baking Dog Birthday Cakes

If you want to bake a small number cake like the 7 that is in the photo, be sure you bake and frost it before the bigger cake on the bottom. After you bake and cool your dog safe birthday cake, frost both of the cakes with a dog safe frosting recipe that dries hard. Let the cakes air dry for @ an hour. If you want to use a wet on wet technique for your "number cake" check out this short video.

how to decorate a dog cake

Step #2

Using a Drip Frosting Technique on your Cake

Once your larger, bottom cake is dry enough, mix up a small batch of colored frosting. We used Flower Petal Purple all natural coloring because it's our dog's favorite color! After we mixed it with water we took a spoon and added the frosting along the entire edge of the cake allowing it to "drip" over the sides. We then spooned the remaining frosting on the top of the dog cake and smoothed it out carefully with the spoon, as shown in this video.

drip cake safe for a dog

Step #3

Adding the Finishing Touches

We took the small "7" cake that we decorated and air dried in Step #1 and carefully placed it on top of the wet frosting so the "7" would securely dry on top of the entire cake. After that, we placed tiny dog bone shaped dog treats around the edges to complete the cute dog cake design, as shown here.

dog cake with bones on it


Grab a Dog Birthday Kit

Do you need birthday themed cake and party favors? Grab an entire Dog cake making birthday kit, complete with cake mix, treat mix, food colors, frosting, cake pan, cookie cutters and step by step instructional videos. You will even learn how to decorate birthday dog treats which make great party favors for your dog's 4 legged friends!


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