How to Make Easy Healthy, Homemade Vegan Dog Treats Using These 3 Tips

Creating your own, vegan dog treat recipe can be easier than you think! The best place to start is with the type of flour that you would like to use. Wheat flours (all purpose) are fine, flours without wheat are better and grain free flours are the best. The next step is to find your egg replacement, then the third step is to combine everything together and bake. 

Tip #1: 

Some Popular Wheat Free Flour Choices:

Rice Flour
Oat Flour
All purpose gluten free flours are also available

Some Popular Grain Free Flour Choices:

Coconut Flour
Almond Flour
Chickpea Flour (Garbanzo)
Buckwheat Flour

When choosing your flours, you are best to chose two and combine them. For example; You can choose Rice Flour and Coconut Flour but you need to label your treats as "Wheat Free" because you are choosing a flour containing "Grain" which is fine! Some flours such as; coconut and almond flours need a lot more water than others so, if your recipe "crumbles" add more liquids.

Tip #2:

For Vegan Treats, choose an egg replacement. 

Some popular choices are:

Flax Meal

These are all Vegan and Grain Free and safe for homemade dog treats

Tip #3:

Patience, make small batches at a time and write down how much water and flour you use. It takes dog treat bakeries time to create their healthy dog treat recipes. Don't give up. Once you create your plain "base" recipe you can start adding other ingredients such as; blueberries, all natural peanut butter, etc....

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Happy Baking!


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