How to Ship Dog Treats & Cakes

How Do I Ship a Dog Cake Without it Melting?

Wether you are starting to sell cakes for dogs on your online store or you simply want to mail one birthday cake to a friend... it's not as easy as you would think. The first place to start is to use a dog friendly frosting that dries hard and requires no refrigeration.

Dog Cake Recipe

Bake, Cool & Frost: 

After you bake and cool your dog cake recipe, place your cake on a cooling rack and frost it. This will allow air to circulate under your cake, as well as around the sides and top.

I recommend Treaty Treat Rockin Hard Frosting for shipping, it dries extremely hard and quicker than the other frostings. Be sure to add any sprinkles or decorations to your cake while the frosting is still wet, and gently press them into the frosting for a secure "stick" once the cake frosting dries they should stay in tack. Not all decorations will adhere, be sure to try them prior to decorating cakes for customers. 

Dog Safe Frosting that doesn't melt

Air Dry the Frosting: 

Allow you decorated cake to dry for 24 hours prior to shipping. Remember, most dog cake recipes will stay fresh for 3 - 4 days without refrigeration, so bake your cake in the early morning hours, frost and decorate it, let it AIR dry overnight, and ship it the next day. You can use a small fan to speed up the drying process. The cake should be shipped overnight express or 2 day priority mail. The customer can then take the cake out of it's packaging materials and refrigerate or freeze it upon its arrival.

Do NOT refrigerate or freeze the decorated cake prior to shipping. If you do, the frosting will become moist and WET again, which will cause it to become soft and it will smudge, stick, etc.. to your packaging. It does not "melt" so do NOT add ice packs to your shipping containers. Ice will cause moisture which will... cause your frosting to become, yup, WET again... 

For the best results, DO, pack your room temperature cake (after the frosting completely dries) into a DRY shipping container.

How to ship a cake

Prepare your Cake for Shipping:

Prior to placing your dog cake into your shipping box, wrap it in parchment paper and cushion the cake on the bottom, sides and top so it does not "shake or shift" in the shipping box.

Do NOT wrap the cake in plastic, plastic traps moisture from the physical cake which might cause the frosting to become, yup, WET again...

Plastic also traps humidity, which is MOISTURE in the environment, think of what condensation looks like... and yes, you guessed it, the moisture trapped inside the plastic from humidity will... cause your frosting to become... WET again...

Decorated Dog Treats use the same guidelines, be sure to AIR dry your favorite dog treat icing product prior to shipping.

Shipping Dog Birthday Cakes Can Be Easy With Practice, Click Here For a Video with More Details, Happy Baking!



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