How we made our dog treat icing and cake frosting

It's been a couple of years since we invented our first Dog Treat Icing and Dog Fondant... Wow, we have come so far since then. We now carry over 30 dog bakery products! How did we start? At Farmers Markets, like most of you. We originally began as a wholesale bakery and transitioned over to a dog bakery after our dog treats became widely popular through our wholesale program. Since then we opened our first store front dog bakery called, Pastries 4 Pets on March 1, 2012 in Connecticut.

Our Dog Bakery and Pet Boutique was going full steam ahead until our first Valentine's Day decorated treats had all of its icing fall off... with another brand of dog icing, not ours. We ended up losing a wholesale client because of it and we thought we would never be able to offer our wheat free dog treats with icing on them.... That woke us up. We needed a high quality, all natural dog treat icing and frosting that would not need refrigeration.  

Since 2010, I was already working to create my own icing to use, but it was taking years to figure out the correct recipe. I had no choice but to get back to work on the icing with our in-house food chemist and it finally worked. We created our first sugar version of icing... it was a great "band-aid". Months later and a ton of hours, our sugar-free Treaty Treat Dog Icing and Dog Frosting came to life. We are now able to provide dog treat bakers everywhere with the tools they need to be successful with an all natural dog safe icing and frosting that dries hard and doesn't melt.

It hasn't stopped there... we continue to listen to the needs of our bakers to offer them dog treat mixes, cat treat mixes even dog ice cream... We love what we do and love helping others to create and carry quality products in their own bakeries.

Photo by Mitzi's Munchies