Wheat Free Dog Treat Recipes

Baking healthy, wheat-free dog treats is not a hard project but it is very time consuming. Most wheat-free dog treats are made with rice and oat flours. Many health food stores sell different wheat free flours but an equal mixture of rice and oat flours work very well. From there you can add meat, fruit or other flavors for your dog. Just be sure the ingredients you chose are safe for your dog to eat. Add some eggs and/or flax to bind your ingredients together... Roll your dough out using a wheat free flour, cut out different shapes using cookie cutters. Bake for at least 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees and watch your dog gobble up your delicious healthy dog treats! Remember there are many dog treat recipes online and in recipe books that contain ingredients that might not be healthy for dogs, consult your vet or check links similar to this one:


For easy dog treat recipes you can purchase premixed Treaty Treat dog treat mixes on this website, You can make one batch at a time and save the rest of the mix for another baking day. Happy baking!

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