Original Dog Treat Icing

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Wheat Free Original Dog Treat Icing is the perfect all natural, no sugars added, yogurt based icing to decorate your treats with. Refrigeration is not needed and the icing will not melt. It can be shipped and dogs love it! Just add water and stir. Please order the amount of dry mix you would use in a 4 - 6 month time frame.

TO ORDER AMOUNTS 50 LBS AND OVER APPLY AT https://pastries4petswholesale.com/ (click the person shape upper right hand corner - it might take 48 hrs to be able to order)

Dries hard, It won't melt or crack even on wheat-free/grain-free treats.
Wheat Free, Soy Free, Preservative Free, No hydrogenated fats, No Palm Oil

"Winter White" is formulated without titanium dioxide and normally dries "blotchy" you can add a touch of white color to prevent this, it is up to each baker to decide.

No refrigeration needed

Great for bakery cases, markets and shipping

You can make one batch at a time, directions come with mix.
"Original Icing" Ingredients: Non-Fat Milk Solids, Yogurt Powder, Tapioca Starch, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Egg Whites, Dextrose, Modified Plant Starch, Apple Pectin, Titanium Dioxide (for color - tiny amount - less than 1/8 tsp per cup of mix)

"Winter White" Icing Ingredients: Non-Fat Milk Solids, Yogurt Powder, Tapioca Starch, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Egg Whites, Dextrose, Modified Plant Starch, Apple Pectin, Rice Starch, Gum Arabic. (this is off white in color and tends to dry blotchy - you can add white food color if you desire)

Winter White contains zero Titanium Dioxide but we did add a Plant Based White Color, so it is more of an off white color, it is exactly like the original icing but requires less amounts of food coloring. Colors do look great, but some might dry blotchy. You can add titanium dioxide prior to food colors that dry blotchy.

Winter White tends to dry blotchy when it's not mixed with food colors, you can add a tiny amount of white food color to fix this. This product is formulated for customers who do not want to add a lot of food coloring to their icing. The photo below is how the product dries without adding any white or colored food coloring, this is normal. For a more "white" non blotchy result please order any of our other products. The photo on the below shows what "Original" icing looks like as an example. All natural food colors available on our website dry nicely with the Winter White Icing (no white food color needed) If your food color choice dries blotchy, add a tiny amount of white food color prior to adding your colors.

Store in a dry, cool place.

This icing takes 12 - 24 hours to dry, at temperatures above 60 degrees.

Perfect for hard dog treats and for dry cake items. Note: refrigeration and humidity causes moisture that will cause the icing to become slightly tacky, be sure to air dry again prior to stacking.

This is an ingredient only, NOT FOR RESALE. It is a wholesale ingredient intended for bakers to utilize in their dog treat products, NO COMPLETED TREATS ARE INCLUDED.


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