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Royal Blend ICING for Dogs - Pastries 4 Pets

Royal Blend ICING for Dogs

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Wheat Free Royal Blend Dog Treat Icing dries hard without refrigeration just add water and air dry. The icing dries hard and fairly smooth. Please order the amount you would use in a 6 - 12 month time frame.

Perfect for bakers who refrigerate, wrap in plastic or sell treats in humid climates. 

TO ORDER AMOUNTS 44 LBS AND OVER APPLY AT (click the person shape upper right hand corner - it might take 48 hrs to be able to order)

You can make one batch at a time, directions come with mix.

Great for bakery cases, outdoor markets and shipping. 

Icing Ingredients: Yogurt Powder, Potato & Tapioca Maltodextrin, Modified Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch, Milk Solids, Apple Pectin

Analysis is included
Air dry for 10 - 12 hours 

Store in a cool, dark location 

Perfect for hard dog treats and for dry cake items. Note: refrigeration and humidity causes moisture that will cause the icing to become slightly tacky, be sure to air dry again prior to stacking. 

This is an ingredient only, NOT FOR RESALE. It is a wholesale ingredient intended for bakers to utilize in their dog treat products, NO COMPLETED TREATS ARE INCLUDED.