Contest Winners

Congratulations to "Puppy Style Treats & More" for winning

Pastries 4 Pets "Treaty Treat Icing Chef of the Month" contest for the month of August!

"I call Treaty Treat's icing my lifeline.  My business would not be existing without it, plain and simple.  Not only their icing dries fast and hard, it is also resilient in very humid temperatures and is great for shipping.  And healthy as can be!  Donna, the owner, is wonderful to work with and very dedicated, and she is constantly looking for ways to improve her products.  I love being able to express myself through decorating cookies for my best friend.  THANK YOU!"

Congratulations to "Mitzi's Munchies" for winning

Pastries 4 Pets "Treaty Treat Icing Chef of the Month" contest for the month of July!

"I started doing decorated treats about 4 years ago, as the owner and head decorator at Mitzi's Munchies. I initially started with using another brand of icing but wasn't excited about some of the ingredients. My treats are all gluten free and some grain free and the icing just wasn't meeting what I wanted. I had seen a lot of discussion in treat groups about Treaty Treat icing and the care that is taken in selecting the ingredients for their products. I decided to give it a try and have not regretted switching! I do a lot of custom birthday and gotcha day designs in addition to seasonal treats. Treaty Treat icing has been great for allowing me to do the amount of detail that I expect when I design. It has also been good for adding texture with either the sugar sprinkles or flax meal. When asked, I always recommend the Treaty Treat brand decorating supplies." - Chris


Congratulations to "Pawsatively Sweet" for winning

Pastries 4 Pets "Treaty Treat Icing Chef of the Month" contest for the month of June!

"I love the products from Pastries 4 Pets. It's the only product of this nature I use.They are so easy to use. They color well and are very similar to human decorating. Yes, there are some adjustments, and some technique is required to be learned, but overall its pretty minimal.

My customers know to come to me for quality purposes, and they trust that I'm using nutritionally sound ingredients and something healthful for their pet.  My business name has become synonymous with quality and trust.  As a business owner, I take that responsibility very seriously. I only use products that I myself know as quality, and can trust that I am getting the best possible product and in turn giving that to my customers.

Thank you so much for the consistent quality and the excellent customer service." - Tammy


Congratulations to "Happy Dog Barkery" for winning

Pastries 4 Pets "Treaty Treat Icing Chef of the Month" contest for the month of May!


"SO EASY to use.  Mix with water, add the color, fill the bag and off you go.  We used to do all our treats in yogurt or carob chips.  We were constantly melting and remelting, which was such a pain.  We love that the frosting sticks to the treats after they are dry because many others we have tried fell right off after drying.  They look just as good a month after decorating as they do the day after.  The treats pack and ship well with no damage.  Now that we found you, we will never change." - Beth


Congratulations to "Pussy & Pooch" Dog Bakery for winning

Pastries 4 Pets "Treaty Treat Icing Chef of the Month" contest for the month of April!

"We love your Rocking Icing for our yummy treats. It gives the right consistency for any design and the dog safe coloring is the perfect touch to bring our cookies to life! How amazing it is that it's just fruits, vegetables and spices, so natural and safe for our furry friends. All our furry friends just love these cookies with Pastries 4 pets rocking yogurt icing and food coloring." 


Congratulations to "Punkin n' Me" Dog Bakery for winning

Pastries 4 Pets "Treaty Treat Icing Chef of the Month" contest for the month of March!

Pastries 4 Pets loves supplying dog treat ingredients to bakeries all over the World; what we really love is seeing all the beautiful dog treats and cakes that other bakers create with our products. When we asked Pam, our Artist of the month, from "Punkin N' Me" why she loves our products so much she had a lot to say! :) 

"I started Punkin & Me Dog Bakery about 18 months ago and the biggest challenge I found was coming up with the right kind of frosting!! The first one I tried I didn’t like at all, the second one went out of business, and then I found Pastries 4 Pets’ Treaty Treat Frostings and Icings! It took some getting used to not working with sugar, but this brand has given me fantastic results, especially in the look of my cookies! Although starting off small and local, my ultimate goal is to be able to sell wholesale and ship to other retail stores. I now use the Rockin Hard Frosting on my birthday cakes and pupcakes, and I use the Rockin’ Icing -Smooth for my cookies. I no longer have to worry about cookies or pupcakes “melting” when packaged in cellophane bags, and I can freeze things in advance when I need to fill a large order. Not only does the icing and frosting look great as a final product, but the dogs all seem to love it too!! Thank you Pastries 4 Pets!!" 

Congratulations for winning our "Treaty Treat Icing Chef" for the month of March, Pam! Your dog treats are stunning!