Decorate your Dog Bakery Treats

with high quality all natural ingredients

Dog Icing and Dog Treat Business Courses

Dog Bakeries Worldwide use our dog treat icings and cake frostings because they dry hard without refrigeration. You can package finished treats and store them on shelves or in bakery cases.

If you are looking to start a dog treat business or to learn how to bake dog treats that do not grow mold, we have the perfect class for you. Our Dog Treat Training Academy opens this Spring until then please click the "classes" link at the top of the page for our current online pet treat courses.

Shop and learn where the professionals shop, you'll be happy to take the guess work out of decorating beautiful doggie treats!

Dog Treat Icing, Dog Cake Frosting, Sprinkles and Food Colors

Decorate your Cupcakes & Cakes

With all natural frostings and dog safe fondant


"Won't use anything else on the pupcakes and birthday cakes I make for my  clients. Their pet parents are always delighted to see how close they look to one they'd eat themselves!" 

Elaine's Canine Cookies

"I call Treaty Treats icing my lifeline. My business would not be existing without it, plain and simple. Not only their icing dries fast and hard, it is also resilient in very humid temperatures and is great for shipping.  I love being able to express myself through decorating cookies for my best friend. THANK YOU!" 

Puppy Style Treats & More

"SO EASY to use. Mix with water, add the color, fill the bag and off you go. We used to do all our treats in yogurt or carob chips. We were constantly melting and remelting, which was such a pain.  They look just as good a month after decorating as they do the day after. The treats pack and ship well with no damage. Now that we found you, we will never change."

Happy Dog Barkery

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