3 Ways to Start an Online Dog Bakery

DIY Dog Treats have exploded in the past couple of years. Being able to make and sell dog treats online is a great opportunity to make extra money while working from home. Whether you are a Stay at Home Mom, a Teenager or an Entrepreneur looking for a work at home business, an online dog treat bakery could be your solution.

online dog treats

Start with your Business Website

1. Sign up for an "Ecommerce" website platform and purchase a domain name for your business. Your domain name will be your website name and hopefully your business name. Be sure to contact your financial professions to start a legitimate business.

Photograph treats

Bake & Photograph your Treats

2. While creating your website you want to be sure to use photos of YOUR actual dog treats. If you "use" other dog treat bakery photos they will most likely NOT look like your final product and you are infringing on the photo owner's copyright policies. 

 dog treat registration

Registering your Dog Treats with the Correct Department of Agriculture Locations

3. Once your website is ready, be sure to only sell to States that your dog treats are registered in. If you have people ordering from different States  you can register their States as you go or politely tell them you cannot sell them treats because you are not approved in their State. 

The best way to grow your online business is to target the State(s) you are currently registered in and go from there. You can add State specific hashtags on your social media platforms or hang flyers in local businesses to help spread the word. 

While you do need to be registered in each State that you sell treats in, you do not need to be registered to have an online business. Start small and register in other States as you grow. 

You will most likely have so much business in your own State that you may never need to expand, only time will tell. You GOT THIS!!

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