Decorating Homemade Dog Birthday Cakes is Easy With Dog Safe Frosting that Dries Hard

Every dog has a birthday or a "gotcha day" and it is a lot of fun to create a healthy, edible cake for your dog! Whether you are looking to start a pets bakery business or to bake your own dog a cake, Pastries 4 Pets offers peanut butter cake mix for dogs and dog safe frosting mixes. For a great stay at home baking project for kids and adults, we have a complete dog birthday cake recipe kit with step by step online videos to show you how the professionals decorate cakes. 

How to use Pastries 4 Pets Dog Frosting Mixes:

The best way for us to show you how to use Pastries 4 Pets frosting is through a video demonstration. In this how to video we used Rockin' Hard Dog Cake Frosting. The Grain Free Frosting is mixed the same way and can be used to decorate dog cakes for dogs that prefer a completely grain free dog cake for their birthday.  

🐾  After you bake your dog birthday cake, measure a cup or so of our frosting and put it in a small mixing bowl

🐾  In this video we wanted to use colored food powder. Prior to adding water we sprinkled in our all natural Rose Pink dog safe food powder color. If you use a food color gel, simply add the color after the white frosting is mixed.

🐾  After we added the water from the directions on the doggie frosting package we used a hand mixer on low speed until the frosting moistened and formed. We then added a little more water until we achieved the consistency we were looking for.

🐾  Place your pre baked cake on a pretty plate or platter before you frost it so you do not need to move it afterwards. 

🐾  To keep your plate clean, use parchment paper strips under the cake to protect the plate from being covered in the doggie frosting. Simply slip them under the outside edges so you can easily pull them out immediately after frosting your cake.

🐾  After we frosted the entire dog bone shaped cake we mixed more Rockin' Hard Frosting colored with our all natural Flower Petal Purple powdered food coloring to add a cute heart decoration.  

🐾  To be creative, we piped half of the heart in purple frosting and mixed up all natural Earthy Brown dog food color to do the other side of the heart. We then used the rest of the brown frosting to add cute paw prints on top.

🐾  To complete our adorable dog themed cake, we used tip #2 in our decorating bag to write "Happy Gotcha Day Mini".

Where to Buy Dog Safe Bakery Ingredients:

🐾  To purchase dog cake mix and frosting visit Pastries 4 Pets

How to Start a Dog Treat Business:

🐾  For information on how to become your own boss and start a dog bakery business click here


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