How Do I Stop my Homemade, All Natural Dog Treats from Getting Moldy After I Spend Hours Making Them?

Mold… not a nice four letter word. You work so hard to bake your treats and they grow mold. You scratch your head, maybe swear a little and wonder how do other bakers do it? You can't believe they all bake the night prior to events because you know how much work goes into baking.

🤫  Here's the Secret....

Most dog treat bakers don't add preservatives and they don't bake the night before!

😎  So, How do I Prevent Mold?

🐾  The first fact you want to remember is that mold is caused primarily because of moisture. 

🐾  So, if you remove most of the moisture from your treats, you will remove the chances of mold

🐾  Stop looking for the magical preservative, look at your oven instead

😀  My Oven???

There are two common ways to dry your treats out so they last for months. Convection Ovens and Dehydrators. You can also shut your regular ovens off after your treats are baked and leave your treats in overnight.

Most bakers bake then dehydrate their treats for 8 - 12 hours. That's it... easy peasy... no preservatives or freezers needed!

For best results... send off your oven baked or dehydrated dog treats to a Commercial Feed Lab and get a "shelf life" test done. Then... you can rest easy and say good bye to.... MOLD!!!!! 

🎂  Will Decorated Treats Grow Mold?

🐾  If you decorate treats using Pastries 4 Pets icing or frosting, then no. But, you need to follow the directions on the label for it to not grow mold.

🐾  The true fact to remember is that "moisture" grows mold, so if you decorate a dog treat or dog birthday cake and refrigerate or freeze it, the icing/frosting will become "wet/moist" again. Meaning it will grow mold unless you air dry it after removing it from the refrigerator or freezer.

🐾  So, remember, Pastries 4 Pets bakery products are intended to not be kept in the refrigerator or freezer. If you need to keep your bakery items refrigerated, remember they will only last 3 - 5 days normally before they grow mold.

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